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I am delighted to advise that Women in Technology has continued to thrive despite the many challenges we have all faced since the global pandemic was declared.

A highlight for WiT during 2020 is our quick transition to online platforms and our ability to offer remote access to much-needed services. This has enabled us to extend our reach and continue expanding the support women need, particularly those in rural and regional areas.

We are so proud to continue advancing, connecting and empowering women in all branches of science, technology and associated fields across Queensland, and to see our dynamic community continue to grow. WiT is now an 8,000 member and affiliate strong organisation!

This year, close to 50 interactions – events and programs – have been scheduled and it has been wonderful to resume our face-to-face meetings.

As our membership expands, we must keep working to enhance the high-quality service our members, sponsors and supporters expect. One aspect of this is to ensure our Constitution reflects who we are, both now and into the future.

We are therefore grateful for the advice of McCullough Robertson and Nomad Consolidated who have helped us rework our Constitution with the aim of transitioning WiT from our current structure, as a state-based incorporated association, to a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Members will be provided with the new draft Constitution shortly and invited to review and submit feedback with the final draft Constitution tabled for voting at this year’s AGM.

There are numerous benefits to updating our Constitution including the ability for WiT to operate within a nationally-recognised corporate governance structure, better definition of roles and responsibilities under the Corporations Act, and improved ability to deliver to you, our members.

As we build on the vision of our founders, we continue to nurture the essence of WiT. We have recently completed the WiT Values Project, to refresh and re-articulate our values in a way that resonates with members today – more than two decades since WiT was established. We thank everyone who supported this important work by completing surveys and participating in focus groups.

All financial members, and corporate member nominees, are encouraged to join us at the AGM on 28 April 2021 to consider our new structure, reaffirm our dynamic values and unveil our new website, as well as launching our much anticipated theme for our 2021 WiT Awards! Details of our 2021 AGM will follow shortly.

I wish to advise that I will be stepping down as President and Chair of the WiT Board at the AGM and encourage those of you who wish to take WiT to new levels, to consider joining the Board. Details will be circulated soon.

I am personally grateful for the support of the WiT Board, committees, and operations team for their unwavering commitment to an extraordinary organisation. I am thankful to our many members, sponsors and supporters for their deep passion and I am also fortunate to have met some of WiT's founders who have shared much of their wisdom. Without these amazing and far-sighted women, WiT would not be the organisation it is today.

I have greatly enjoyed my time with WiT and have made incredible connections, worked alongside some of the most talented women I know, and with whom I hope to maintain lifelong friendships.

I sincerely thank you for your support.

Best Regards,

Dr Claudia Giurgiuman

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