As a Sponsor

A WiT sponsorship can help you retain, reward, attract and encourage women in your workplace.

WiT is a not-for-profit association with a membership of over 5700 members and affiliates and an annual WiT events attendance exceeding 2000. To cater for our growing community, we rely on the support of many reputable organisations.

WiT sponsors take advantage of opportunities to place their names in front of hundreds of the most influential technology industry professionals. WiT sponsorship is designed to ensure targeted exposure within industry, research institution and government, whilst providing the opportunity to promote employers of choice for professional women.

Benefits include:

  • Direct Referrals
  • Increased reach
  • Targeted exposure
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Increased sales and reach
  • Links to networks and knowledge
  • Access to an objective source of information
  • Recognition in the technology industry
  • Lead generation
  • Database building opportunities
  • Enhanced relationships

Become involved

We thrive on sponsorship items such as:

  • Financial support
  • Computer hardware and software for daily operations
  • Finances for awareness creation
  • Services and specialities for events
  • Prizes for programs and events
  • Your time as a volunteer or guest speaker

WiT uses sponsorship funds for:

  • Events and programs
  • Technological development
  • Membership services
  • Organisational growth
  • Marketing and communications

Women in Technology offers flexible sponsorship options. Whether you want to harness the full potential of our Gold package, or simply obtain targeted niche exposure, WiT can help.

Contact our Operations Manager, Lisa Cawthorne on 0430 219 091or at [email protected] for a sponsorship pack and discussion about how we can help you choose the right level of exposure, support and opportunity.

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