About WiT Sciences Committee

The WiT Sciences Committee of Women in Technology was formed in June 2005 with the support of approximately 20 women. The inaugural launch event attracted over 300 attendees from the science and biotech community in Brisbane.

"WiT Sciences supports its members' advancement by providing access to relevant and valuable activities, networks and information."

Sciences's stakeholders include:

  • Individuals or companies working or studying in the sciences industries - whether 'wet' or 'dry'
  • Service providers to these industries
  • Government, industry, research and teaching institutions, secondary and tertiary students, parents and educators

The Science Committee seeks to be known as:

  • providing relevant and valuable events, workshops and networking opportunities for members
  • an industry leader by advocating for the best in biotech through communicating independent and balanced views, promoting the industry and the interests of the women working in it
  • an organisation for women and men
  • being in an alliance of equals with AusBiotech
  • embodying the values of Professionalism; Empowerment; Innovation; Inspiration and Leadership

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